Welcome to the MV Zoo!

Before you enjoy your visit to the Zoo, be sure to grab a map. Here's what you'll find inside:

The Aquarium

From underground, view a variety of fish, amphibians, and marine mammals.

The Aviary

This open-air tour sports birds of all shapes, sizes, and color!

Arctic Tundra

Bundle up because it's cold!

Asian Adventure

Witness the creatures from Asian rain forests and mountainous regions of the largest continent.

African Plains

See the animals you'd see traveling on your very own safari through the plains of Africa.

South America

From the Amazon rain forest to the open plains of Patagonia, view some of the most diverse animals on the planet.

An American Experience

From forests to rocky coastlines to mountains, enjoy the splendor of our North American continent!

The Desert Dream

Think nothing can live in the hot, dry desert? Think again!

Out in the Outback

Take a tour of the wildlife down under.

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