THRESHER SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scientific Name:Alopias Vulpinus

Physical description:Very long tail, very fast, and very aggressive

Size:up to 20 feet long

Average lifespan:Could not find.

Habitat:surface waters in open sea.

Range:I don't understand.

Diet:other reef fish and school fish.

Behavior & adaptations to its way of life:Very self-centered and is a deadly shark.

How it reproduces:through internal fertilization.

Relationship to other animals (predator/prey, parasite, etc.):Very aggressive shark.

Relationship to people:FOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History:Thought to be a threat to soceity and still is.

Status:Lives in every ocean,exclude arctic regions.

Other interesting information:VERY LONG TAIL and very fast under and above water.


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