Okapi | Okapia Jonstoni okapi1.jpgokapi5.jpg

Physical Description:The Okapi has a long tongue, split hoofs, zebra stripes on it's legs, and it's neck is about a meter long!

Size: It's about 1 and a half meters but can get bigger.

Average lifespan:

The lifespan in the wild is unknown, but in captivity they can live up to fifteen years!

Habitat: They live in damp, marshy, thick rainforests.

Range: They are indigenous to Eastern Zaire

Diet: They eat fruits, shoots, fungi, and leaves.

Behavior & adaptations to its way of life:Its' tongue is long and very coordinated. It uses it to clean itself and pick up branches or even pull leaves out of trees!

How it reproduces:Okapi's reproduce with a placena. Its gestation period is over two years!

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