No one knows that they smile.

Scientific Name: Lycaon pictus

Physical description: Big rounded ears with various colors, white, red, black, brown, and yellow.

HIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! Mommy im hungry.
HIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! Mommy im hungry.

Size: 29.5 to 43 in.

Average lifespan:The African wild dog lives up to ten years.

Habitat: The African Wild Dog lives in the Sahara Dessert in the Savannah.

Range: African Wild Dogs live in the Sahara dessert in a Savannah like what i said in habitat.

Diet: The African Wild Dog is a carnivore that usually preys on antelope, wild beasts, rodents, or birds. They rarely prey upon livestock

Behavior & adaptations to its way of life: The African Wild Dogs have skinny legs witch help them catch up to prey. They also have strong jaws and long nails/claws to grip prey. Another good adaption is their coat and its color witch help it keep cool during the day(white, yellow, and light red) and to keep it warm at night(black, brown, and dark red).

How it reproduces: The African Wild Dogs pups usually develop for 72 days and are born in an underground den. They are born black and white at first then gain their other colors.

Relationship to other animals (predator/prey, parasite, etc.): The African Wild Dog is a very strong and successful predator.

The young calf and mother wild beast make it out alive. The squawks and squeaks in the background of this video are African Wild Dogs tweeting

Relationship to people: Because of us the African Wild Dog is endangered but we are now trying to help the poor dogs

History:No history.

Status: The African Wild Dog is very endangered almost as endangered as the black rhinoceros.

Other interesting information: The African Wild Dog has four toes on each foot, unlike other canines witch have five. It also has a white tip to communicate with the rest of their pack. All members of the pack pitch helping the injured and ill in their pack.The African Wild Dogs either hoo(A shorter form of a howl), tweet, or bark. The dominate female raises all the pups even if they're not her's, but sometimes some pack members might kidnap a pup and take it to another den. African Wild Dogs do smile just a strange way they smile by panting and to higher their heads maby tilt an ear. O.O COOL! Still if they smile at you don't go near them they might be tricking you. O.O OH NO!