newborn vampire bats
newborn vampire bats

Nights predator, silent and hungry.

Physical description: wingspan 8 in. body weight 1 oz. 2.5- 3.5 in tall. short pig like nose. thin leathery wings

Size:2.5-3.5 in

Average lifespan: 9 yrs in the wild. 20 yrs in captivity.

Habitat: cold dark caves. vampire bats are native to the Americas. They also live in Mexico , Brazil, Argentina , and Chille

Diet: Blood from a victim is it's only source of food.

Behavior & adaptations to its way of life: The vampire bat is very friendly to bats of the same species. One bat mother will even feed another baby that's not it's own. A mother bat can't turn down a hungry child. One of the bats adaption is it's large ears which are designed for echo location. echo location is where when the bat is flying it will make clicking noises. those clicking noises will bounce off the nearest object [even something the size of a fly.] The bat can then determine how close the object is in the dark. another adaption is the anticougulant in it's saliva. This will allow the "victim" to bleed long after the bats feeding.

How it reproduces: The common vampire bat breeds all year and give live birth to a single young after an eight month gestation period. Which is actually very long considering it's size.

Relationship to other animals: parasite.

Relationship to people: People don't usually come in contact with vampire bats. If they do it is because the bat is attempting to feed on them, in which they are usually asleep at the time. Despite what most people think the vampire bat is actually very shy when it comes to people.


Other interesting information: A certain vampire bat will eat a fruit bat by rippinng it's head off and lapping up the blood.

people consider this animal to be a bloodsucker but technically it's not. It laps up the dripping blood with it's tongue. [wow that sounds realy yucky.]