=Title: Red Fox's!
===Scientific Name:

===Physical description: Fox's Are Red, they are the size of a medium sized dog, with a pointed snout and short, fast legs.


Average lifespan:

===Habitat: Fox's live in wet forestry areas, where they can be well hidden.

===Range:Fox's are very common in most of the world, But red fox's are in less of the world because for instance they couldnt live in Antartica, or Pheonix Arizona.

===Diet: Fox's are Carnivores, but they are also scroungers, they prey on little animals, and scrounge on garbage. Red Fox's also have a well reputation for stealing Chicken eggs from nearby farms.

===Behavior & adaptations to its way of life: Fox's are very sneaky, they like to steal, and they run very fast. Fox's are mostly a neusiance to other wildlife around them.

===How it reproduces: Fox's give live birth with a placenta.

===Relationship to other animals (predator/prey, parasite, etc.): Fox's are usually predators

Relationship to people:



Other interesting information: