Scientific Name:(Petaurus breviceps) long name =)

sugar-glider-0013.jpgPhysical description:A Sugar Glider is a very adorable and small animal they have tails that is as long as the body and as thick as the humans normal size thumb. The fur is usually pearl gray with black or cream spots. They have five fingers. Sugar Gliders are nocturnal. They are really good at finding food at the night. A baby Sugar Glider is born and grows in the the mothers abdomen, which is like a pouch on the mother's body. That's why people put baby Sugar gliders in pouches. Sugar Gliders have a amazing talent to be able to glide through the air. These fury creatures have big toes to help them hold on to trees and objects. Fathers are good daddies to the babies and will make babies with there own daughters.

Size: Sugar Gliders are a very small animal in length they are 16 to 21 cm. And weigh 90 to 150 grams.

Average lifespan: the average lifespan is 10 to 15 years.

Habitat: A Sugar Glider lives in dry forests. It leaps and glides from trees to tree.

Diet: Suger glider eat crickets and fruit

How it reproduces: One and two young, once or twice per year, gestation 16 days, pouch-gravidity 60 days, weaning age 120 days. Monogamous. (this is really confusing )

Relationship to other animals (predator/prey, parasite, etc.):They get eaten and they eat insects.

Relationship to people: Increasingly kept has pets.

My 3 questions :

1. My question :What is the description of their habitat?

Sugar gliders need alot of space to jump, glide, and play.

Exercise is key to a gliders health, as well as a balanced diet.

They are not too hard to care for but require lifelong dedication of 10-15 years if properly cared for.
You also need a few hours EVERY day to spend with your glider(s), to properly bond with them.

glider parent

2. what makes a Sugar Glider a mammal?:Sugar Glider don't have eggs.

3. There habitat is very wet they live and sleep in trees. And is just trees lol .

Status: Not threatened

Other interesting information: the Sugar Glider is a possum with a gliding ability. They live with a group of 20-40 how cool is that