There's apparantly no such thing as a rainbow fish.
So I am being FORCED to write a poem about a rainbow trout.
Just kidding.. I wanted to.. I guess.

A poem of Rainbow Trout
By Rikki Bertling.

It's just a normal fish!
Nothing very special much at all!
Except for the fact that their fishy brains aren't really all that small.
They mate like normal fish,
laying tons, and tons of eggs.
But the male is like a mother, while mom digs a hole and lays.
Oncorhynchus mykiss
You can tell they mean a lot.
Can you believe that these things can grow 2 to 3 feet long?!
Being many of these
All around the world
They're easy to fish, but when I did I swear I almost hurled.
Known for their pretty colors,
on their fishy scales,
but to let you know the colors are the reflection of light (unlike the tales).
With their beady little eyes,
And their creepy little gills,
Their diet consists of fishy bits for their yummy meals.
You can find them many places,
All around the world,
Like the US, Egypt, even Africa, creeepy truth be told.